Stanley Hotel Re-brand Book
The goal for this class was to create a book to give to a client that would persuade them to change their identity to the one I designed. My research began with discovering the Hotels 5 core values. After the values were discovered, I began sketching logo ideas but discovered that with the unique hotel I needed 2 unique logos. One for the hotel itself & one for the weddings held at the hotel, the weddings accounted for most of the income and activity at the hotel.

After many rounds of critique with the class and I found the marks that worked best for each aspect of the hotel. I began looking at binding methods and rather than have a book style binding I chose a covered spiral binding. I used slate board covered in a patterned vinyl and glued in the spiral bound book.

In the book for the core values I printed each value on a transparent patterned vellum sheet in the section for the value. The sheet of red vellum hides the list of famous ghosts typed in yellow, when the page is flipped the red hides the quote "all work and no play make jack a dull boy" from the shining, revealing the Steven king quote speaking of his inspiration for writing the book "the shining." I also have a page that is a mirrored finish heavy paper, the left page has the type mirrored making it only possible to read it by using the mirror page. This was to further show the power of a symmetrical mark.
The book was a 2 fold, tooled leather cover with hard covers. A tie & leather clasp system was bolted into the wood covers.

 Here is the final digital layout of the book.
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